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Hi everyone! Welcome to my new ~book blog~. My mom has been telling me that with the amount of books I read, I should become a book blogger. I’ve been tuning that out because it seemed like a far-fetched suggestion, but now I think it’s a pretty good idea.

So without further adieu, my name is Bryn. I’m a second-year undergraduate student studying Creative Writing. Besides reading, I love to sing, write, do yoga, and play the guitar (not that I’m any good).

With this blog, I really just hope to get to know the book world better and share my love for reading with people who actually care enough to listen. I also want to make friends! Please say hi!

In addition to reviews, this blog will have book tags, TBR lists, and more fun things that I hope to discover along the way. This is my first true adventure into the online book community, as I used to love books in silence and find reviews off of things I saw on Tumblr.

My favorite genre is YA, hands down. Even though I’m approaching 20, that won’t be changing anytime soon. Within YA, I love to read contemporary, fantasy, and sci-fi. I’m sort of into NA also, but I haven’t read much NA so I’d love to read more!

That’s pretty much all about me for now. I’m going to try my hardest to post once a week, but since school is a nasty little thing I can’t guarantee that.


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